Buffalo, NY

Influenced by 90’s rock and a love of late night mischief, pop-rock 
group So Far So Good banded together after an inspiring shift at 
T.G.I. Friday’s. Losing their heads, the artists’ defiantly stole the 
defaced sign from the restroom door to claim as their logo. The four 
fled the scene, their act of vindication causing their jobs to be 
replaced with mug shots. That tarnished bathroom sign created the 
band’s iconic logo and marked the beginnings of So far So Good. The 
band resides in Hamburg, New York and consists of lead vocalist Craig 
McDorman, lead guitarist Jeff Foley, bassist Rob Buskirk, and drummer 
Ryan (Urwin) Urbank. So Far So Good made their debut in 2009 after 
gaining the attention of award-winning record producer Armand Petri. 
Taking influence from such artists as the Foo Fighters, Third Eye 
Blind, Weezer, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, So Far So Good has 
written a number of original singles, including the catchy riffs of 
“Last Call” and the edgy melody of “Something New”. 
Currently, the band is working with Petri to finish their first 
national studio EP “Through the Static”. The EP is expected to be 
released this spring followed by a national tour. From stealing signs 
to stealing the spotlight, the band continues to climb towards 
success, attaining a career that is So Far So Good.

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